mountain leader (summer) award

In October 2015 I spent another week at Plas Y Brenin for my ML assessment. I passed!

I have written two posts about the experience:

Assessment -day by day

Assessment -thoughts

In February 2014 I spent an excellent week at Plas Y Brenin in north Wales where I did the training for the mountain leader award.

I’ve wanted to do the award for some time but found the cost prohibitive. As I am a school teacher and sworn to use my powers for good (or at least, my skills with young people) I qualified for PYB’s “young leaders” bursary which, as I live in Bradford reduced my costs by a whopping 75% and my head teacher agreed to pay the remainder I got signed up straight away.

The training course was really excellent. Great facilities, excellent instruction and good fun too. We covered navigation, security on steep ground, weather forecasting, expedition skills, ‘what if’ scenarios and many other things.

After the training comes the hard part (ahem). I have to get out there, into the mountains and do what I love doing.

I aim to go back to PYB next Easter to sit the assessment so I need to get out loads!

I’ll try to record some or all of my trips on this blog.

North Wales

Ben Nevis


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