Mountain leader assessment -thoughts

If I were to offer any advice to people up for assessment It would be this…

  • It really is quite hard! -Be fit and mentally prepared
  • Make sure your kit is up to it and have a few spares and repair kit items
  • A good torch makes night navigation so much easier
  • Never forget your group -you don’t need to treat the other candidates like novices but don’t forget they’re there
  • Remember spare kit for the group – group shelter, spare rain coat, food etc.
  • Make sure you’re equally confident using a 1:50K OS map as a 1:25K OS map
  • Bearings to faraway points won’t be the best navigational strategy, you need to be confident with contours and map features (this is almost easier in the dark when you can’t see to take bearings!)
  • Look at the map carefully before you set off. How far away is that point? Is there a climb to it? How long will it take to get there? What are your tick-off features?

Moving point-to-point is not a race. Take your time to think over your plan.

  • When you’re relocating use all the evidence you can to make your decision
  • If you realise you’ve cocked up, admit it. Correcting an error is so much better than blindly carrying on
  • Be prepared to not get everything 100% especially when you’re tired

You’ll spend a week in the mountains. You’re there because you love the mountains. Don’t forget to look around and enjoy the views!


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