Monthly Archives: December 2012

Planning a backpack in Galloway Forest

I visited the Galloway first park earlier this year. It was my first visit and I’m hooked. Since I came back I ordered the OS maps and googled for inspiration.
I’m hoping for a week-long trip, probably in the spring (hopefully before the midge season).

At the moment I think the plan is drive to Loch Trool and leave the car for a few days and explore Merrick and the surrounding area. I’m thinking a three day round trip then resupply and set off again. At the moment I don’t know if I’ll include cycling in my trip, just for a change of activity.

If I take the bike then I’ve got miles of trails to explore too.

After some more study of the maps I’m beginning to form a plan. I think Easter is when I’ll go, unless further research tells me that is into midge season. I think I’ll try a route from Loch Trool over the Merrick and north towards Tunskeen bothy, near loch Macaterick. Spend the night there then head roughly east, through the forest to the Rhinns of Kells and south over Corserine and the ridge. Another night in the woods somewhere before heading back to Loch Trool.
What I’ll do after this I haven’t decided. Either a couple of days cycling, some days walls or another overnighter in the area south west of Clatteringshaws.

There don’t seem to be to many blog post or forum posts about this area so detailed information is limited. Its quite exciting really, a bit of mystery in an otherwise we’ll planned walk!