Pyrenees 2004: Arrivals

*This blog post is another transcription of notes written in my journal at the time. Intended as a more permanent record than a tatty notebook*

Departures: Saturday 19th June

Hold luggage: 32kg

Daz searched by customs officer at Stansted airport. No burger king here, drat.

On arrival at Pau in Southern France we took a taxi to the train station. Helen was sent on a fuel foraging mission. She returned with a couple of bottles of ‘Essence C’ which turned out to be a dry cleaning fluid!

We took a train to Lourdes – the noted Catholic Theme Park. There was what appeared to be a large war remembrance parade going on. All restaurants were closed except for McDonalds.

No evident departure point at the coach station for the coach to Cauterets. We only just made it in time!

Stayed in ‘les Gleres’ campsite in Cauterets. Good facilities, terrible pitches -all rocks. We could barely put the pegs in. We pitched next to a loud river, it was very misty.


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