Picos 2011 Day 7: Full Circle

Today was the end of my journey. A few hours walk from Vegarredonda would bring me to the lakes and the bus back to town.

After a heartier-than-usual breakfast of porridge and coffee I packed and set off. My pack felt light and I felt unusually fit and strong. It felt as though I was racing down the mountainside, the going was very easy. I stopped occasionally for water and to check the map. A navigation error at this point would have been unforgivable. And embarrassing.

The landscape here reminded me very much of the Yorkshire Dales, Limestone everywhere. Just the Swaledale sheep had been swapped for the brown Asturian cows.

After 2 hours I was done. What a great trip it had been I thought to myself as I sat and drank in the view for the final time. I’d not made any error navigationally, I’d not injured myself and I’d met some great people. Even the missing climbers turned up safe. Fantastic.

I wonder when I’ll be back…

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