Picos 2011 Day 6: Still missing

Morning came and still no sign. I took the names of the missing men and set off to Refugio Vegarredonda, my next stop. I was to ask if the men had been seen. The other three set off as a search party. Our paths coincided for the first part. The other three rapidly overtook me as they were only lightly burdened and I had my full pack. We entered a bowl of scree. They turned North east towards the expected descent route for the missing men. I headed North towards another horcado.

Slipping and scrambling upwards I eventually reached the pass. I’d heard Jesus shouting for his friends but never a response. Looking back to where I’d come from I saw three men leaving the area. Saddened I assumed no one had been found.

Moments later I saw another 2 figures. Reaching for my binoculars I saw 3 familiar people and 2 strangers. I had to assume it was the missing men. It was too early  for anyone else to be in this part of the mountains. The five re-grouped at the opposite pass and headed out of sight.

What a relief.

My journey took me over another few passes, around a few ‘Hoyos’ -depressions/bowls in the limestone caused by weathering and finally down into easy country and to the Vegarredonda

My initial thoughts were of camping in the vega but the hut was only 12 euros so I opted for that instead.

The next day would be my last in the mountains so I ate very well at Vegarredonda to lighten my load for the final day. The hut was very pleasant with accommodation in the main building and in the smaller building where I stayed.

I spent the afternoon reading, enjoying the views and generally wandering about relaxing. Occasionally the warden would come out brandishing a large stick to ‘shoo’ the cows. They’d always come back though!

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