Final pack loading

The first attempt: It needs to be done. You need to know if it’ll fit, if you can lift it. Its rarely a positive surprise ‘gosh, theres so much space!’ Or ‘wow! This is so light!’

I’ve not quite got everything together yet. Repair kit, first aid kit and waterproofs are all missing. As is the 2kg of water.
It all fits. Just. With some things in the bum bag it should be ok.

Finally got the kit together now, which is just as well as I set off this evening. According to my somewhat questionable bathroom scales the pack weight is about 15kg. I have a 20kg baggage allowance with Easyjet so hopefully all will be well.

Detailed below are the contents of my pack, it may be of interest or use to anyone planning a similar trip.

Lowe Alpine Alpamayo 70L+20L pack

Lowe Alpine 6L bumbag

MSR Dragonfly stove, fuel bottle

MSR Titan pan and Steel ‘Nato’ Mug

Mountain Equipment -5C down sleeping bag

Thermarest Ultralight 2 full length mat

Hilleberg Akto backpacking tent (1 man)

First aid kit

Silva Ranger compass and whistle

Garmin E-trex GPS

Petzl Tikka torch

Teva Sandals (the basic ones)

Leki Makalu Classic walking poles

Platypus 2L and 6L water carriers and drinking hose

‘Bathroom equipment’ and trowel/matches

Lowe Alpine waterproof jacket and trousers

Dry bag of clothes (mostly Lowe Alpine and Crag hoppers)

Dry bag of food (details below)

I’m planning on walking for 5 days -but I have time to make it 6 days.

6x ‘800Kcal’ Dehydrated meals from Expedition foods

12x Kellogs Nutrigrain 11ses

Bag of preweighed porridge with sugar and milk powder already added

Sun-dried bananas

Salted Cashews

Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee sachets (with included milk and sugar)

To add to this I will buy some food for my lunches when I’m in Spain

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