Do electric sheep dream of hybrid cars?

Up until a few weeks ago I thought electric cars were the stuff ‘of the future’. That is to say, not ready now. Then I read about the Nissan Leaf. This seems to be a car which is pretty much of the now. It looks modern -but not weird, Performance seems good, Range is.. well… OK? 100ish miles is that enough? Is it? My car travels about 50 miles to work and back each day. So, no problem there. My parents live about 100 miles away, a journey that I’d do non-stop. A little bit touch and go for my liking. Could I make it? In the winter? With air-con on? -at least if I could make it there is a charging station only a few miles from them.

So, not perfect but not clownlike in the lack of practicality as serious transport. Renault have some interesting designs and share some tech with Nissan. Top speeds limited to 80mph and range of 80-100 miles again. Slightly under-par I feel.

Mitsubishi have the iMiev which looks.. okayish performs acceptably but costs way over the odds.

Even with 5k from the chancellor and no road tax its taking the piss somewhat.

Finally. The car I’d been waiting for. Looks, performance, range. The lot. Even the price was lots less than expected.

The car? The Tesla model S.

Looks slightly Aston Martin-like. Large, swooping, beautiful. And all for $50k. Or so they’re saying today.

Is the leaf or the ‘S’ car going to be the game changer, the ipad of the EV world? Are we entering the next, and long overdue phase of automotive evolution?

I’d like to think so. Internal combustion is so last century.

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