Look into my eyes, not around my eyes… (part 2)

I’m a lazy blogger. Well, at least I think that is what my teachers used to say to me at school.

The hypno-birthing course is finished, we’re just waiting for the birthing bit to commence.
Was it any good? I guess the proof is in the pudding, as they say. So I can’t comment on whether it works as a birthing technique.

What did I think of the course? Interesting and weird.
Interesting because a lot makes sense. Birthing *is* a natural process so why should it hurt? Nothing else we do naturally hurts like birth is said to (being a bloke I can’t comment on exactly how it feels).
Weird because it is dressed up in a lot of, well how can I put this? Mumbo-Jumbo/Bollocks/ ‘Woo’.
I am pretty certain that the ‘magic’ is in the suggestion and the relaxation. The surrounding stuff about the mind vibrating to a certain colour and the body vibrating to a different one is just arse. Gently spoken arse with the aim of relaxing you. Unless you actually listen to it rather than hearing it. I found it just made me cross.

Our homework from the course was to practice the range of techniques shown to us and let them become more effective. It is the link between suggestion and response. Action and reaction. The more it is done, the more efficient it becomes. So every night (well, every three nights) (ish) we sit down for a training session. The Mrs certainly looks relaxed after we’ve run through the drills. Until she sniggers because she too finds some of the woo distracting.

It really is a ‘not very me’ thing to be involved with and I do find it strange. We’ve all seen Paul McKenna or Derren Brown doing unusual things with suggestible people. It does appear to be true, and there are some research papers discussing the use of hypnosis in surgery.
I’d like to believe in it all and it will be fantastic if our second child is brought into the world without surgical intervention, medical poking and too much grief. We shall see.

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